Friday, February 4, 2011

Don't's over

Almost entire last night i cried at the loo.why?it's hard to say right now because i got toothache. Now, it becomes swollen. I felt like dying and until at certain level i wanna sleep at the loo. Crazy right?? Instead of that painful, there are still people who always with me. They are my parents (supported me in financial especially), friends and the love one. their presence make me feel that every painful is over. Even in reality it's getting worst. Crying and tearing; are they happen only when we feel sad??. Absolutely not; the reason is both of it takes place when our soul react with our thought. For me,tears will not stop flowing for someone who is crying for himself. We are tearing not only for sadness. It is the same life whether we spend it crying or laughing. there's no difference. Sometimes i'm asking myself either life is so simple or so complicated.
I'm CRYING for ALLAH, for my Prophet , my parents and all the creatures who live surround me. To my dearest love, thank you for being a part of my life and always with me. You never leave me even in crucial time.Either life is easy nor hard, it depends on us. We are given a lot of opportunities in life. So, in deciding the way of life, we are the decider. Put our effort on it and pray to turn it into reality. HEART is the ministry.

 p/s: mom and dad, i really miss you n wanna hug you right now...can i?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No Life!

The entry for this time is enough to show how suffer life is..hehehehe...why???because we are short of money, no shopping, no exciting. instead of it, friend is everything now. even i have no single cent, i still can enjoy and hang out with my buddies. doing what??? u reckon what???playing football at the beach. our game is surrounding by windy blowing around us, such a pleasant environment for me. After i have knew about the allowance, i so frustrated and devastated at first. Thus, to forget about it, we must doing something without involving money. Certainly, life is so bored. Here offered less activities. After woke up, remain in my comfort bed, go online n eating. after did all the things, i back to my sweet dream with my close friend this holiday,  
       Today's lesson, we can live without money, but Money not everything and there's no guarantee that we can live happily with plenty of money. Being far away from my family and the love one drives me to think how tough life is. Sometimes, we have to learn survival skills because it's really useful especially during this moment. Asking money from my parents realized me;there sacrified a lot for me, they asked nothing on it. So, it doesn't meant we have NO LIFE here, we loss everything outside. Just bear in mind there are a lot of people outside which more worst their condition compared to us. Be thankful for every given. Everything that we do, we must on the right track. Never let the devil possessed your thought. Or u will act out of your boundaries. So, think before you act.  

When the ball goes to my feet.....there's no word to say about it....goal keeper will be sure run away from save it...
We are born to cool...

We are AWESOME!!
-no one can pass our awesomeness..-