Monday, January 31, 2011

when dream gone in a blink of eye

Waiting is suffering. When i woke up early in the morning, it's raining cats and dogs. it seemed like a good things gonna be happened. Ironically, good news that i have been waiting for most a month turn to bad news when my colleagues and i was  told that our allowance will be out latest on 5th Feb. Most of my friends became "insane" and shouting like crazy...hahahaha...just kidding.  we sat together and tried to find possible ways to face the  most CRITICAL problem right now , MONEY. at last, we have decided to buy some "instant" foods to make sure we can survive for a few days. I learnt something new today, be passionate and patient even in hard situation, be thankful for every given and friendship can drive you to solve any problem...Don't worry but be happy always.:)..will be back with hot and short story of Chapter of Life later....

p/s: don't hope much, but don't be the hopeless one..stay calm because it could be with us in out of smile is sadaqah...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

first kick off blogging

this is my first word as  a blogger (after trying several times to be a blogger)..there's no so much thing to tell about. enduring restless and hectic week after handled an orientation week for  newbies of varsity's intake such a piece of responsibility of mine. less time to spent with "her" and my close doors....but they are still in my mind..n heart...for my NEW BLOGGER'S FRIEND, please kindly receives me as your friend and willing to share with me your CHAPTER OF LIFE...not entire thing, but just a wonderful moment and notorious too if is created to be enjoy your life....wordless.....:)