Sunday, January 30, 2011

first kick off blogging

this is my first word as  a blogger (after trying several times to be a blogger)..there's no so much thing to tell about. enduring restless and hectic week after handled an orientation week for  newbies of varsity's intake such a piece of responsibility of mine. less time to spent with "her" and my close doors....but they are still in my mind..n heart...for my NEW BLOGGER'S FRIEND, please kindly receives me as your friend and willing to share with me your CHAPTER OF LIFE...not entire thing, but just a wonderful moment and notorious too if is created to be enjoy your life....wordless.....:)


  1. salam cola boyz~~~...hehehe...cngrate but my blog btter thn u ( actually i nver open my blog..haha)..hwever..can i show sme part of my life?? heheheh...btw...i like wht u said abt "2 spent with her..."....

  2. takes time to build up my blog reputation..hahahaha..there is a time when i'm better than out kids..